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Maine has the country’s biggest cholesterol problem, new data analysis finds

WalletHub — the finance website that has become something of a central data cruncher for all sorts of statistics ranking states and cities on things like education and public safety — recently released its breakdown of how states compare in terms of obesity. The increase in obesity among Americans has been well-publicized, of course. As […]

11 animated maps showing how sea level rise could change the shapes of Maine towns

Nonprofit climate news and advocacy group Climate Central has released a series of multi-layered interactive maps designed to illustrate how various levels of sea level rise may affect coastal communities all around the United States. The group’s latest mapping tool, titled “Mapping Choices,” allows you to enter any zip code or U.S. city and compare — side-by-side […]

Two alien planets that are most like Maine

The movie “The Martian” has been critically acclaimed and opened over the weekend to a box-office topping $55 million domestic haul. Movie goers across America have been fascinated by the prospect of an astronaut — played by star Matt Damon — gardening and otherwise hashing out a sustainable life on a foreign planet. But let’s get […]