Men find treasure in ‘cellar hole somebody told us about’

Have you ever gone cellar diving? It’s kind of like dumpster diving, only there’s more potential for finding cool, historic treasure.

Take these guys in the YouTube video above. They decided to film their exploration of a “cellar hole somebody told us about” in Maine and ended up finding a couple centuries-old items. One of them — which requires them to dig through dirt and roots with a trowel — appears to be a relic made of silver.

I’ll let you watch it to find out what the treasure is.

Of course they also find old coins and a bottle filled with dirt. A more unique find is a silver ring with the word “Mexico” etched on it.

Have you ever found something interesting in an old, abandoned foundation?

An item discovered in an old cellar foundation. (YouTube)

One of the items the men discover in an old cellar foundation in Maine. (YouTube)