Watch this remarkable 1954 video narrated by E.B. White of a Deer Isle lobsterman

Here is a remarkable short documentary of a Maine lobsterman, narrated by the famous author E.B. White. It shows a day in the life of Eugene Eaton of Deer Isle — when lobster traps were made of wood, and fresh lobsters were stored in a bushel basket.

“It looks to the casual observer as though the art might be learned by any bright apprentice. But unless there are a few ounces of seawater running in a man’s veins, he will never make a trapper,” said White, who wrote “Charlotte’s Web,” co-authored “The Elements of Style” and contributed to The New Yorker magazine.

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Eugene Eaton. (YouTube)

Eugene Eaton. (YouTube)

This film, “Maine Lobsterman,” was produced in 1954 for CBS’ TV show “Omnibus.” Do you know the ledges mentioned in the video where Eaton fished? Does he happen to be one of your relatives?

Another man is shown in the film, with a first name of Gus and a last name that sounds like “Hensler” or “Heanssler.” He bought the lobsters from Eaton and owned a marine hardware store. Can you help us identify him?